How to add a Watcher to one task only?

Alan Menhennet
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I am using Meistertask for my job workflow, of my printing company, with each task being a jobcard. The project as a whole is all my jobs

I want to know if its possible to invite the relevant customer as a watcher for that one task so they can follow the progress but I dont want them to see other tasks, as that is jobs we are doing for other customers.

Is there a way of doing this?


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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi @Alan Menhennet

    Yes, you can do that. But it depends on your subscription/plan. As I know you need the MeisterTask Business subscription. You can find the informations here.

    If you already have the needed subscription you can add your customer as a "Guest" to a task/job. This way your customer only see this spec task.

    Hope I could help you… If not just ask… 😉

    Best, Rooster

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