Pro account and inviting team members

Summy To
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Hi all,

We're having such a tough time getting answers from MT. we've had a warning about losing access on Feb 5th for awhile now but now are stuck with some problems that won't allow us to try and fix issues.

We are being told that unless people are on our team, they will lose access. I have a 'pro' account and am trying to add people to my team (there are 25 of us) but it is not allowing me to add more than one person. I see the basic plan allows unlimited tasks and 3 projects which is all we need but I don't understand this 'teams' limitation and how to increase how many team members I can have.

Thanks for any insight on this, community!



  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @Summy To ,

    welcome to the community, sorry to hear that you are facing these difficulties!

    So, let me repeat your problem, so see if I understand correctly: You have an account right now, and want to add people to your team? Have you bought a license for each team member?

    In this screenshot below, you can see for example who is in my team. I have an Admin, and four additional team members. So all in all, I have four licenses. Please go to:

    1. your dashboard, click on your profile picture on the top right side of your screen.
    2. Select Account
    3. Select My Team in the left sidebar.
    • Anyone who is not on the list is not your team member.
    • If you want more people on your team, you naturally have to invite them and pay for their license. To do so:
    1. Select Invite from the same screen.
    2. Now you can see how many remaining seats you have. In my screenshot, I have 0 remaining seats. That means, that I have no free licenses to give to anybody, so when I invite other people to my team, I have to buy additional licenses.

    If you want to add more licenses, then select in the left sidebar Plans, and select Edit to buy more licenses. Or feel free to Contact Sales to buy more licenses.