Not able to access a Project - How to know who owns it?

Urrouba Saad
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Hey, I was part of a project since ages and I am unable to access the project anymore. It says to contact the Owner. How am I supposed to tell who owns the project? Is there any way to find out?

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  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @Urrouba Saad ,

    I understand your problem. MeisterTask has implemented some changes for the past few months. If you haven't seen the details, then you can read up on them here.

    Here are the most important details: What is changing?:

    • From December 7, 2023, Basic plan users will no longer be able to share projects or notes from their team with external users.
    • On February 5, 2024, all external users who have access to your projects or notes will lose access.
    • Thanks to these updates, you will always know exactly who is involved in your projects and notes. Everything stays within your team and all employees are known. Team collaboration is easier to manage and even more secure.

    After February 5, 2024, you will no longer be able to collaborate on your projects and notes with users outside your team as their access will be revoked. To continue collaborating seamlessly with other users, invite users to your team or upgrade to MeisterTask Pro.

    So what can you do now?

    • Please contact another collaborator on the project. Ask him/her if she is the owning team. If they are a basic team, then I would recommend joining their team. Then you can be granted access again. If they are on a Pro- or Business plan, then they can easily invite you as a member.