Automation for subtasks?

Sara Kuntz
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We want to create a bunch of tasks (in one project) that all include the same set of subtasks. How could we manage this?
It seems that there is only an automation for checklists. Duplicating one task does not automatically duplicate all subtasks of this tasks.
Any ideas?


  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hallo @Sara Kuntz,

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    I understand your desire to create a task that include the same set of subtask. Sadly, this is only doable manually. At the moment, there are no automations for subtasks available. And as you have seen, duplicating the tasks, does not include the subtasks.

    For a quick workflow, I would suggest creating a task and then to create all subtasks as normal tasks. You can duplicate them as many times as you want. And then you can open a parent task, and link the duplicated task as subtasks.

    I know this seems not ideal. We have many Feature Ideas that are open to voting, so if you would like to see any changes, feel free to visit the ideas below and consider voting for them:

    If you have any other ideas, then feel free to post them here in the category Feature-Ideen.

  • Sara Kuntz
    Sara Kuntz DE Business Posts: 2 New Here

    Thanks for your answer!