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kiro mx
kiro mx EN Basic Posts: 2 New Here

For people working with clients, it would be a time saver to create public links to external users or clients. I imagine this feature with the following roles: Viewer, Editor, Commenter. This could work wonders for sharing report, notes or sharing a board/project. Realtime cursors would be a nice to have.

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  • Cornelia Patscheider
    Cornelia Patscheider Admin, Moderator, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 620 Community Admin

    Hi @kiro mx ,

    I just wanted to leave the tip here, that MeisterTask has already a share link available. If you share the link with anyone else, they can join the project as a member.

    I know it is not as detailed as your idea above, but maybe this helps you in the future already. You can learn more about this feature here in the Help Center.