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We like to use all three of your tools, Meistertask, Meisternote and MindMeister, but it's always a pain to switch between them because the buttons to change products are always in a different place - or not there at all.

In Meistertask, I switch to Mindmeister by clicking on the note icon on the left, which doesn't even stand out in color from the other icons/functions. I get to Mindmeister by clicking on my person icon (very hidden - and why isn't the other product Mindmeister linked here?).

In Meisternote, I can't switch to Meistertask via the icon, at least I haven't found that yet. I get to Mindmeister by clicking on my person icon (very hidden, the third product Meistertask is also missing here).

In Mindmeister, I can switch to the other two products via the points icon. You first have to realize that there are exactly two menu items behind 9 dots. However, this dot icon is not found in the other two products.

How about standardizing the whole thing so that your three products are always visible in the same position in the left bar with the distinctive coloured icon? Then, no matter which product you are currently working in, you would be able to switch to one of the other two with a single click.

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