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Ruud Weiss
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Dear Meisters,

I am using tags a lot. For a project to have 20-30 tags is common for me. Now I would like to have a way to put tasks at the top of my section, but not by using tags. So I have been using the pin function, but I can not find a way to filter pinned tasks in the project view. Question: is there a way to filter pinned tasks in the project view?



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    Hi @Ruud Weiss ,

    welcome to the community! Thanks for your questions, I love tags as well!!

    I am not sure, I understand your question correctly. Let me rephrase it, so you can see if I got it correctly:

    • You are currently using a board with many tasks and tags.
    • You want to filter your view to only see tasks with specific tags.
      Is there a way to do this?

    Yes, there is!

    In the right sidebar, you can filter your view, by selecting the tags that you need to see. You can find more information how to do this here in the Help Center.

    You can find more information about pinned tasks here in the Help Center. And you can find more information here about a recent feature that we added, that lets you sort tasks in the Agenda by tags.

    I hope this helps!