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Below, you'll find a JSON file with a MeisterTask template that I built for a user looking to streamline the sales process for his team.

You'll find various columns, and each column represents a stage of your inquiry, new cards with fresh inquiries start in the leftmost column, and they advance to the right along each stage of the process. The ending result should be a Sale Won or a Sale Lost (the two last columns). 

My intention is always to convey meaning through colors and icons, so they weren't picked casually. I can describe this more in the comments section to avoid extending the length of this text. 

In the following lines, I'll detail what each column is used for:

Inquiries: starting stage for each open inquiry arriving to your sales team. This can be automated and filled automatically through integrations with a website form, for example. That way your prospects come to your website, they fill a form, and all your team get a new card in this column with all the info needed to start selling.

Qualification: cards in this stage should be considered in the process of being qualified, to understand properly whether the inquiry is from a potential customer or not. Cards get in this stage to record in their comment section the results from initial phone calls and contacts with the prospect, etc.

Appointment: this stage is for cards that passed the initial qualification and need the visit from a representative of your company to the prospect's premises. This helps in distributing and scheduling field visits with your team. It's important in this stage to meet or at least understand who is the decision maker in your prospect's side.

Proposal: this stage is for inquiries that required the creation and delivery of a formal business proposal for your potential customers. Cards at this stage represent a sale near to be closed. It's critical to follow up with the decision maker on the status of each proposal you send. MeisterTask is great for following up stuff.

Won: all sales successfully closed with your customer land here. Archival can be performed for each card on this stage after proper billing and respective tax documentation is issued and archived.

Lost: all sales attempts that failed land in this column. Later examination can be performed on cards landing here to discover possible patterns and improvement opportunities inside your organization.

In case you have more specific needs, we can further discuss them, as well as my hourly rates for this type of consultation. Just send me a PM or contact me through any of the links in my signature.

This is just a simple template that we (you and me) can take to the next level by customizing it to your specific use-case.

With a bit more information about your business, I'm sure we could take advantage of several power automations and features in MeisterTask Business, like multiple checklists that will facilitate the life and workflow of your team.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Best regards.

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