Feature Request - Schedule Future Task & Hide Until Due

Andy Barr
Andy Barr EN Pro Posts: 6 Beginner

I would like to see a feature where a future task that is not recurring can be created which does not show in any filters or views until the day it has been scheduled to show.

For example a task could be created to contact someone by phone in 2 months or start christmas shopping on December 1st. I dont want to see this in my current views until that date.

Very quick way for you do to this would be add the option to the recurring task system to only happen once.

The current workaround I have found as suggested my Meister support is to create a list of future tasks in Notion which then send a Zapier request to make a Meister task on the scheduled date. This is great but by doing that I have to pay 2 other companies for a feature that Meister should have.

Another workaround would be to add a filter option on on the dashboard and agenda pages to only show tasks by "Due Today", "Due this week", "Due this month".

I do not want to do this via reports. I work via the dashboard and agenda and I dont want it filled up with scheduled tasks for the rest of the year.

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