Can We Use Usernames Internally that Other Users Globally Already Have?

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Hi there

I have the following problem. We have been working with MeisterTask for a few months now and are having trouble setting our usernames. It is always said "the name is already taken" since we are a small team of 15 people, this can't be! My question: can it be that usernames work system-globally, and we can't use internally usernames that any MeisterTask user is already using?  

Hope someone can help me out here.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @S.Me - Welcome to the community! Yes, happy to help here!

    Your Username is indeed a unique identifier among all Meister users, but usernames are not what's displayed to other users in a project. To set the name shown to other users in a project, your teammates should instead enter a Name under their personal information under Accounts -> General. Names do not have to be unique (e.g. Andrew or Alois 😀)

    I made a quick screenshot to show this:

    Btw, since you mentioned using first names @Alois - Your teammates do need to enter a first and last name in their personal details, but your team admin can choose whether to show only first names or both first and last in projects. More info here.

    Let me know if that helps!




  • Alois
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    I don't think it could be global - our team just uses first names. From where are you setting your team's usernames? @Andrew Lapidus @Miša any ideas about this?