How to schedule multiple same-day & time sensitive tasks for my team?

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How can I manage same day time slots for my team?

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    Hi @Fern !

    Firstly, thank you @Andrew Lapidus for tagging me in this. This goes in line with what many of my own customers within the manufacturing and also construction industry has brought up to me as use cases, so I would love to share some of my insights!

    Secondly, I am sorry that it took me a few days to get back to you, once I started to come up with ideas, I really wanted to be able to show them as well, so I'll go through the different ways of doing this with a few example screenshots to go along with it.

    As mentioned, there are many different ways that you could set this up and what works best will really depend on how you like to work and be organized as well as who will be working directly with these projects.

    Example 1:

    In one project, you manage all of your construction sites and your to dos. Each column is a different construction site and inside each column you have each task that needs to be done. Using tags, you can both define the team that needs to take care of a task as well as the day. This makes it easier to get an overview over your week compared to looking at each individual due date. Each task does also use a due date, which you can also combine with our Calendar integrations to get it visible in your calendar. The task would then show up for the person who is assigned to the task. You could perhaps create a calendar for everyone in a certain team so that they can access this and see it too.

    With the search function, you can also quickly filter out your tasks and to dos, including updating them, rescheduling them if you need to be back another day, add attachments like pictures from the site to keep everyone in the loop.

    Here is a gif to show my example:

    Example 2:

    Instead of having one board for all of your construction sites, you could also make a week plan for your teams. In this case, the entire team would have access to a project which is their weekly plan. Each task will then represent a construction site including when you have to be there and to dos. You can use our checklists for the to dos, which you can then check off as each task gets finished. The tasks can be marked as closed or updated in case of delays. You can easily make a template task which you can duplicate and fill out to help plan their days. By doing it this way, you can more easily see if your team has additional time throughout the week and their progress, which might be harder to keep an eye on with the mixed project.

    Here is a picture of what I was imagining:

    Example 3:

    Last one and this one might be a stretch, but if you are interested in working with the kanban style as well as with time tracking to find out how much time is spent where, this can be really helpful!

    In this case, you have the 3 standard columns which are in a kanban project - open, in progress and done. The project would in this case be for one full construction site. You may sometimes have an overload of tasks in either the open, in progress or done column depending on how far along you are with the construction project. I would still use tags for teams and days as in the first example so that you can easily filter for the tasks that are important to a certain team.

    On top of that, I added one additional column - Start time tracking. I added our cool time tracking automation to that column, which means that whenever a task gets added to this column, the time tracking will begin and you can track how much time is spent at this construction site. Once it is done, even if the task isn't fully done, you can move it back to 'in progress' and I have set up another automation to stop the time tracking so that it truly only tracks the time you have sent at the site / on that task that day. Here is how that looks too:

    I hope this helps you!

    Line Jensen

    Customer Success Manager, Meister


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    Hi @Fern , welcome to the community! 😀

    Sorry to post another question, but I'm a bit unsure precisely what you mean here with "same day time slots" - could you give us a bit more information on the problem you and your team are having, and what an ideal solution would look like? That could help the community to help you find a good solution :)



  • Fern
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    We do not work on our construction sites by the day, but by the hour. That means several construction sites per day per team. Therefore we have to program several missions per team per day.

    Bset regards,


  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Fern - I reached out to our team to fin da solution for your use case.

    There are a couple ways that could help you realize this in MeisterTask. You could use timeline for scheduling and tags for locations, but this might not solve your issue of having multiple time slots per day.

    I wanted to tag one of our most experienced Customer Success Managers, @Line Møller Jensen , who has a lot of deep experience with MeisterTask. Any ideas here, Line?