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Jacques Valet
Jacques Valet EN Pro Posts: 2 Beginner

Our goal is to streamline the process of managing emails and tasks by bringing them closer together. Currently, when an email with a request comes in, I find it cumbersome to create a task from it and ensure its connection to the original email.

It would be incredibly helpful if there was an easy way to create a task directly from an email and establish a clear link between the task and the email. For instance, it would be convenient if I could forward an email to a MeisterTask bot, which would then automatically generate a task. This task could initially be created in an "Inbox" section, allowing me to assign it to the appropriate project at a later stage.

Furthermore, for users utilizing email systems that support linking messages (such as Gmail), it would be beneficial to have a connection established from the task back to the original email. This bidirectional link would facilitate seamless navigation between tasks and their corresponding emails, enhancing productivity and organization.

Thank you for considering this enhancement request.

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  • Christian Müller
    Christian Müller DE Business Posts: 56 Star Contributor

    The linking feature does, to my knowledge, not exist. However every column in a project has a specific email adress you can forward mails to. They then show up as tasks. Is this not sufficient for your needs?

    You can find the individual email adress by klicking on the three dots beside the columns name and then switching to the "Automation" tab. There you find the adress for the colum.

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  • Jacques Valet
    Jacques Valet EN Pro Posts: 2 Beginner

    Thank you. That's great to know! It's helpful. I wasn't aware of that feature :)

    It's helpful "to some extent," as it would be even more convenient if I could have the link to my initial message that created the task.

    Is it also possible to have an auto-assignment based on the email address? For example, could the sender be automatically assigned to the task (sender e-mail = email of task user)