Show (or indicate) connections even when topics are collapsed

Rene_Stout EN Basic Posts: 3 Beginner

After having used and for quite a while, I stumbled upon Mindmeister. I really like your product!!!

I worked with connections a bit. Great feature, but what I don't like, is that you only see a connection when both topics are opened.

So: if you are working on a topic, you won't see its connections until the connected topic is opened, too. That way, there is a good change that you miss information.

I propose you change that behaviour to: a connection is visible when at least one of the connected nodes is visible on the map.

The 'closed' side of the connection could start/end on the junction level (the circle) that is visible, so you know where to look for it. .



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  • Miša Hennin
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    edited October 2022

    Hi René! Thanks for sharing. Personally, I always liked that the connections only show on expanded topics, I feel like this adds an extra layer of complexity but only when you want it, i.e. when you open the topics. And that otherwise, the mind map stays simple and clean when the topics are collapsed. But I see your point, in mind maps with a lot of collapsed topics it's hard to know which to open to view the connection (unless you know the mind map like the back of your own hand). It could be useful to have a small indicator on the topics with connections, just so you know they're there but without them being visible across the simple version of your mind map.

    P.S. Welcome to the Community!

  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @Miša, Maybe an on/off shortcut solves the desired feature of @Rene_Stout. That should be an easy implementation for the development team i guess 😊

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  • Emily
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    This is an interesting suggestion - I usually collapse and expand when presenting a mind map, but never considered what occurred with connections. I like the idea of leading the audience to another branch via a connection, then expanding. Good idea!

  • jorikito
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    edited November 2022

    I agree, there should be at least an indication that the node has a connection(s) and the ability to see where it references to. Imo clicking on the indication should open all of the nodes until the other node in the tree. Right now you are just missing information.