Pull the custom fields of every task on my board at once

Michelle Meyer
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hi c:

I am currently trying to find a way to visualize the status quo of our project in PowerBI automatically.

While it is super easy to get the section and status overview for every task does, however, getting the information of the custom fields really cause some trouble.

I didn't find any way to get the custom field information from all tasks at the same time. Though I really only need one custom field specifically, but it still requires me to enter a task ID every time I want to retain the output, so it doesn't help me in this regard.

So the order I need it to work is the following:

Use the project ID to get all task IDs → Use the task ID to receive the custom fields → Use the custom field type ID to detect the correct field (Because the order varies) → use the custom field type ID to get the value → Add this value to my table depending on the task ID it belongs to

The problem itself is relatively trivial, I just really don't have any skills to archive my goal. I thought about a fetch-catch-script, but I also might be entirely wrong, since I don't have any experiences in coding. Maybe there might even be an easier solution. In any case I am very grateful for the ideas and help I can get.


  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @Michelle Meyer, that sounds like a very cool connection between PowerBI and MeisterTask. I hope there are any other PowerBI powerusers out there, who have any ideas how to solve this 🤞