I've lost all my mindmap data during simple 'duplicate' operation

Denis Hudikov
Denis Hudikov EN Basic Posts: 6 Beginner

Hi there,

It's sound unreal but I got a larege mindmap and just did 'duplicate' feature. After that I received two empty mindmaps with default data.

That I created a support ticket, but got no answers (I'm a paid user).

It's just freaking out, that such a mature cloud service like MindMester could ruin my data just by using such a basic feature like 'duplicate'

The only question that bothers me is: could I somehow restore my mindmap?

Guys, forgive me my emotions, but you just can't understand how all this stuff frustrate me. I jus thouht that it just can't happen in 2024 in cloud services world.

looking forward for support help.