Dynamic Node Location (Springs and so)

George Koller
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Years ago I did a special interface that managed Nodes by branches, and allowed the Nodes to relocate dynamically (kind of fun).

You can see a version still online here: https://square-class.surge.sh/

At the time, I thought it was useful/powerful to use "Links" (as contributed by Experts) to make connects across two separate Maps. These were provided by "agents" which were really not more than specialized forms.

This project did not get beyond the stage of showing this to several potential customers in a particular industry, and was never implemented.

To see how things worked, however, there were a number of Links in our test program between Urinary on the left, and Nature's Way (a North American branch of a German GMbH). Once links are made found, the information behind them can be exposed one at a time by clicking the appropriate button (multiple times if > 1 link found).

Also, what I thought was pretty cool back 10 years ago was how the nodes would automatically relocate for what seemed to me to be a near optimum arrangement (with branches being truncated automatically as you go further out on any one).

For real nerds, 😃there is a display of the Energy level as the nodes adjust toward equilibrium. Fun!

So, now I find myself with a situation, and I am asking myself if this kind of thing can be done with Mind Meister, or any existing product, or after all these years I have to go back and consider programming this myself.