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Kevin Spratt
Kevin Spratt EN Pro Posts: 6 Beginner

First of all, why doesn't support have a phone number listed that we can call? We are paying for dozens of licenses for this product and would sometimes like to call to get immediate resolution rather than emailing a "Customer Success Manager". I have emailed our Customer Success Manager as well but I'm asking here hoping for a possibly quicker answer.

On to the main point. I have a team member who has around 100 projects that we are trying to bulk delete.

According to this article:

I should be able to see a “Projects” tab under preferences, but despite being a Team Admin, I do not see this tab.

How can I get this tab to show up please? Thank you for your help.


  • Kevin Spratt
    Kevin Spratt EN Pro Posts: 6 Beginner

    @Cornelia Patscheider any advice here? My Customer "Success" Manager hasn't answered back yet.

    If I click on Support in the Meistertask app, it brings me to a page that says "Talk to Our Sales Team".

  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @Kevin Spratt ,

    I am sorry to see that you are struggling with this. Do you know who your Customer Success Manager is? If you want, I can nudge them and let you know that you have reached out here as well ;)

    Regarding the support, Meister offers different support options, to see which one is available to you please see the information in our Help Center here. If you are on a Business plan, then there is also Phone support available.

    On to the main point. I am happy to see that you found the right information in the Help Center. For the problem with the “Projects” tab not showing up, it sounds like it could be related to the type of plan you're on. This feature is available only for Team Admins on the Business plan. The Business plan is for larger teams who need more extensive management option, e.g. example bulk deletion, so it is not available on the Pro plan.