HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get in my profile 😲😲😲😲😲😲

Sabine Schuh
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I have two profiles:
1. An OLD PERSONAL ONE, which is basically empty (and which I use now to connect)
2. A NEW PRO one what uses another email address than the first one.

And for some reasons I can't get into the PRO one anymore.

These are the issues I run into:
1. My password doesn't work anymore, not even some older versions of it.

2. When I ask for a reset, I get an email with a "Reset Password" button, which brings me to the OLD PERSONAL ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (instead of the NEW PRO profile!!!!!!!!!) though it was send to the email that is use with my NEW PRO profile, so there is a mix up that Meister has in their system, that I as a user can't fix!!!! 😲

3. Additionally beside of being in the wrong place for reset the password, there are 3 fields that have to be filled in (OLD PASSWORD, NEW PASSWORD & REPEAT NEW PASSWORD), which is totally useless as I ended up there going through the whole exercise because you can't remember my password anymore or because the ones I have don't work!

4. And last but not least, I couldn't send this without choosing a category, but though it gives me a long list of topics I could choose from, I am neither allowed to click on HELP CENTER, nor on COMMUNITY, which is why I chose one of the few ones that I can actually click, which is MEISTER NOTE.

How is this supposed to work?
I basically can't reset my password and I can't reach customer service to to help me because as I am now operating within a FREE PROFIL, which doesn't give me access to a direct line, though I pay for it!!!!


  • Miša Hennin
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    Could you send me a DM with both account email addresses so I can check this in the backend?


  • Sabine Schuh
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    Thank you for coming back to me so fast.
    Will do…

    A few min later: done. Please check your inbox