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David Langer
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This needs* to be implemented. The only possible alternative may be nesting projects so that tags in the top project cascade.

I note that in 2022 there were multiple requests for global tags. The 'workaround' proposed in 2022 is not viable for those of us with limited time. After all - we are here because we want to be efficient, not working around.

Without global tags there is no constraining relationship between project tags, and that is improper.

Hopefully this gets done in the next month or I'm going back to Yandex Tracker, whose only issue is time zones.

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  • Cornelia Patscheider
    Cornelia Patscheider Admin, Moderator, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 720 Community Admin

    Hi @David Langer ,

    thanks for sharing your feature idea about global tagging. I’m really interested to learn more about how this could improve your workflow.

    To start, could you explain what specific purposes you would use global tagging for? Understanding your needs can help us see the value of this feature more clearly. For instance:

    • How do you envision global tags enhancing your projects?
    • What specific problems are you encountering now without global tags?
    • Are there particular tasks or projects where this feature would be especially beneficial?

    You also mentioned that "without global tags there is no constraining relationship between tags." Could you elaborate on what you mean by this?

    Furthermore, I want to be transparent about how we handle feature requests here at Meister. We regularly collect and review ideas and feedback from our community. The ideas that gain the most interest and upvotes are prioritized for closer evaluation. If a feature idea moves forward in our development process, we’ll update its status accordingly.

    I understand that you’re hoping to see this feature implemented by next month. While we strive to be responsive to customer needs, our development cycle typically involves thorough evaluation, planning, and development phases that can take some time. I just want to set realistic expectations, so you’re aware that immediate implementation might not be feasible.

    Looking forward to your detailed feedback!