Cannot be started before <date>

Nathanael Coyne
Nathanael Coyne MT Tester, EN Pro Posts: 70 Star Contributor

Deadlines are useful but another date that can be useful to help prioritise work and cut down the noise is "Cannot be started before" or "Cannot start earlier than" so I don't even need to think about those tasks before that date.

Perhaps they're greyed out. Perhaps they loiter in a Not Yet Actionable column and then an automation transfers them into my backlog when that day arrives.

Of course that would then invoke a bunch of date-related automation work which doesn't yet exist … but if it did then imagine the possibilities with this and the Deadline field. "If deadline is today then send email", "If start no earlier than ⇐ today move to Backlog", "while deadline > today style outline = dashed" 😋

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