Improved Presentation Mode in MeisterNote

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Presentation Mode in MeisterNote is currently useless. It would be so great if it could be used for professional looking presentations without thinking about it.

The problem now is that everything under one header is shown on a single slide, even if it's a lot of text or multiple images. All content shrinks down so much to the point it's unreadable.

Also, it's very unprofessional looking that the size of the title and text varies from slide to slide.

The proposed solution is very simple:

  • Keep all text sizes fixed (for headers, text lists, ...). Don't vary them from slide to slide.
  • Don't shrink down text. Split text and lists over multiple slides.
  • Don't shrink down images. Show them on multiple slides.
  • As a bonus: include the cover image and icon to the first slide.
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  • JoiedeVivre
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    Very much agree with everything here - presentation mode has a lot of potential but at the moment it comes up with a set of slides that don' work for me. We quickly learned that headers are trigger to create new slides, but making a small mistake in this causes a slide which is much too long.