Share link for someone edit is free or charge personal paid version?

Katelynn P Nguyen
Katelynn P Nguyen EN Basic Posts: 2 New Here


Hope you all have a great day and I’m new to mind leister, if anyone know if we will get charge or it will be free for sharing our mind mapping with editable for someone as a personal paid version? Thanks very much in advance



  • Vasile Stoica
    Vasile Stoica EN Basic Posts: 10 Beginner

    Hi Katelynn,

    Welcome to MindMeister!

    Sharing and editing MindMeister maps is always free, regardless of whether you or the recipient has a free Basic or a paid Personal plan. Anyone with the link can view and edit your mind map without a MindMeister account or subscription.

    The main difference between the free Basic and paid Personal plans lies in the number of maps you can create (3 for Basic, unlimited for Personal) and access to additional features in the Personal plan. However, both plans allow free sharing and editing of your mind maps.

    To learn more about MindMeister's sharing features, you can visit their help center:

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.