WHY hardcode shortcuts?! Fixed MacOS shortcuts back to Windows, but breaks in mindmiester.

Sonny Cano
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I regularly use Windows & linux, but am forced to use MacOS for work. Most of the time, I'm at my home office and simply use Chrome Remote Dekstop so I can easily move from my work "desktop" to my home pc. Used to remap keys in CRD, but obviously didn't work if/when I used macbook separately.

I've solved most of my isues by editing shortcuts for Mac back to ^c, ^ x, ^p, etc & removed all remapping in CRD.

BUT, Mindmeister hardcodes shortcuts, which breaks everything. Why hardcode them? Seems like many requests to add shortcuts would also be solved by simply allowing us to alter them OR obeying OS-level shortcuts.


  • Sonny Cano
    Sonny Cano EN Basic Posts: 5 Beginner

    The easiest option would be to just follow OS shortcuts vs. hardcoding them based on device metadata. No reason to have a broswer-app have DIFFERENT controls than the browser it's displayed in…My MacOS shortcuts all show correctly in Chrome→Edit, but Mindmeister (which does not have a desktop app) just ignores it completely…why?

    Best option is to allow shortcuts to be edited.

    My short-term fix is to go back to Chrome Remote Desktop hack of Configure key maps, since I use my macbook 90% this way. This will obviously make it a PITA to use Mindmeister while traveling with my MacBook.