Has anyone noticed that sometimes there is a delay in project transfer between the desktop & mobile?

Master Success
Master Success EN Pro Posts: 5 Beginner

For instance, if a member uses the desktop version and transfers a project to another user account on meistertask, the other member and they use the mobile version, but the transfer is still in place and will take a few days more to complete. View the screen capture I've posted.


  • Master Success
    Master Success EN Pro Posts: 5 Beginner

    Is there anyone who can help me solve this problem? We both have fast internet connections, but if I log out of the mobile apps, the transferred task will be updated. However, if we transfer the task again for a different project or column, the issue will occur again. We have this delay issue every day since we use both the desktop and mobile device versions.

  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @Master Success ,

    Sorry about the delay getting back to you here! I've just forwarded your request to our support team and expedited it.

    Someone will be in touch with you shortly.