Is it possible to link a task on 2 different project boards?

Stephanie Heid
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As I am the assistent of head of department I am coordinating projects of the whole department as well as for 3 different teams of my department. Therefore, once in a while some tasks appear out of one team but must also be worked on the head level....

Is it possible to create a task in one project board and send something like a direct link to the different board. Something like "create duplicate of the task in project XY, line ToDo" And if so possible, that regardless on which project board I work on the task, it will change simultanously on the other?

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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey @Stephanie Heid and welcome to the Community 👋!

    Yes, it is possible to link two tasks are two different project boards using task relationships. Once you’ve enabled the task relationships power up in both projects, you can show task relationships including: duplicates, relations, blockages, across different projects.

    Unfortunately, tasks are not mirrored, so what you do in one task will not automatically be duplicated in the other task despite the task relationship. This is an interesting idea though, so please feel free to add it to our Feature Ideas category!

    It might also be useful to just use links in the checklist items. For example, if you have Task 1 in Project 1 and Task 2 in Project 2, as part of Task 2 you might have a checklist item which states: “Complete items 1-3 in Task 1 + hyperlink”. The image below shows this. It also shows where Relations are listed. Relations in task windows are links, so if I clicked on "is related to Task 1", I'd be taken to Task 1.

    One more idea would be using custom fields, providing you're on a Business plan. You could add a custom field to the tasks at your department head level called Link to Task. In these custom fields, you would add links to the tasks in other projects. The task itself could be called Duplicate of X Task so you could keep an overview of the tasks you're involved it/ overseeing in other departments.

    I hope this makes sense! Let me know if you need any help or something isn't clear.