🤓 MeisterHacks: Weekly Planning with Agenda

Miša Hennin
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We've already sung the praises of Agenda but did you know that

Simply add pins for each day of the week and drag your tasks from the left to the day on which you should work on them. It's really that easy to create a personal daily calendar!


  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Thanks @Miša and @Line Møller Jensen the very intriguing MeisterHack! As Jörg mentioned, I've done a lot of experimentation with the Agenda, but I must admit I haven't yet made use of it as a weekly calendar 💡

  • Douglas Boyce
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    To help keep me focused each DAY, I've updated my Agenda to break down my focus to Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Anything that comes up for tomorrow (or beyond) goes into my FOCUS section.

    This keeps everything I'm doing across multiple departments and projects can be on a SINGLE page. No longer do I need to bounce between projects, everything I need to accomplish TODAY is on a single view.

  • Rooster McNugget
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    Without the agenda I would just be clicking!

    Like @Joerg Koper and @Line Møller Jensen the agenda is very important to me everyday as an overview board. I use the agenda not only for my daily tasks, but for all projects. Mainly tasks at management level, real estate management and construction. In my agenda I mainly have urgent, important and delegated tasks as well as tasks that I want to keep an eye on. It will look like that:

    Tasks level management, rental and day-to-day business

    On the left side under "My task" I have the work that should be done during the day but is not urgent. Can also be postponed to the next day.

    All important and urgent tasks are pinned in the “Defcon 1” column. These tasks must be completed on the due day.

    Under "Focus!" all tasks that are important or urgent are listed. These tasks must also be completed on the day they are due.

    In the next column "I EKZ" all tasks are pinned that are created and edited on the project board by my team and that I have to complete.

    Construction and real estate management

    The two columns “Start work” and “Work completed?” for me they are a kind of overview board of various work that I have to monitor. All work that will be started in the near future is pinned in the “Start work” column. E.g. repairs or a new office expansion. As soon as new work is started in this project, I move the task to "Work Done?". Or someone from my team does it. This way I always have an up-to-date overview of the status of work on a project.

    Once work is completed in a project, the task will appear in the "Work Completed?" column. completed by me or usually by someone from my team. This means everyone is always informed at the same time when something is completed and can be checked.

    Thanks to the agenda, I always have a good overview of all tasks and work on all projects and I don't always have to be on site to check the status of the respective projects. A huge time saver.

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