🤓 MeisterHacks: Weekly Planning with Agenda

Miša Hennin
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We've already sung the praises of Agenda but did you know that

Simply add pins for each day of the week and drag your tasks from the left to the day on which you should work on them. It's really that easy to create a personal daily calendar!


  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi, I always start my working day with a first look at the agenda too. And I end the day with a comparison of my online calendar and the next tasks for me.

    That way, everything always stays neat and tidy. The priorities of my tasks are then automatically determined by the vertical arrangement of the tasks. In this post @Andrew Lapidus also told about his positive experiences with this method.

    I also like the fact that clients whom I have included as guests in a task can see for which day the continuation of the work is planned...even without unnecessary communication about it. So I can only confirm what @Miša and @Line Møller Jensen have described in their posts 😉

    Als Experten-Partner von Meister führe ich in meiner Agentur u. a. Workshops für die Integration der Meister Software durch. Hier in der Community freue ich mich auf den Austausch mit Euch und helfe bei Fragen zu MeisterTask, MindMeister und MeisterNote gerne weiter.

    Weitere Informationen findest Du auf agenturkoper.de und LinkedIn.

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Thanks @Miša and @Line Møller Jensen the very intriguing MeisterHack! As Jörg mentioned, I've done a lot of experimentation with the Agenda, but I must admit I haven't yet made use of it as a weekly calendar 💡