[DELIVERED] 💡 Feature Request: Presentations in the New Editor 🎥



  • Andrew Lapidus
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    edited March 2023

    Hi all - I wanted to jump in on this conversation again. It's definitely not our intention to ignore this thread, and we certainly want to keep everyone informed of the status of this long awaited feature. As of now, the Q1 2023 deadline remains the one communicated by the MM Product Team.

    I wanted to reiterate that we very much understand the frustration here. We'll do our best to keep this thread updated with all additional updates that come our way, the next of which will most likely be the feature release. Please know that this thread is monitored daily, and that a lack of comments from our side has not been due to a lack of concern, but rather due to a lack of a concrete update to our release schedule. Still, I see now that this long period of "radio silence" left everyone in the dark. We'll try to do better in the future. 👍

    I'm still advocating internally on this thread's behalf to enable early access to presentation mode to all users who've commented/upvoted here, and will make sure that all who've reached out are “first in line” as soon as our team is ready to roll out the feature.

    Best wishes and a happy Thursday,


  • Christoph Ploedt
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    @Andrew Lapidus Thank you very much for your response and the given information.

    The “lack of concrete update” after so many months and the seemingly need for “advocating internally” are exactely signs that make me pessimistic and leave me frustrated. I think that some important people in your company do not know how essential such problems are and treat this like a normal wish list for features.

    After so much negative feedback I really want to thank you very much for the opportunity to get back the old editor if someone changed the map to the new version by mistake. As even this was not possible, Mindmeister was only usable for myself and never for working together with clients or partners.

    Hoping the best and expecting the worst 🤔

  • Dan Locke
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    I am not at all a programmer. But consider this: a reversion back to what we had before. Put the new editor on hold until it is all ready to go. I used the previous editor a lot and the included presentation mode to great benefit and could not find anything to complain about. And I don't recall anyone else complaining either. (I am sure there must have been - as there always are complainers - but it's hard to imagine that there was much.)

    I think that you broke the old rule of “If it's not broken, don't fix it." I see some here praising you for the “minimalist look” of the new editor, but it does not seem to actually DO anything better. There's just (seemingly) a slight change in appearance.

    Why not just revert to what worked? Put this “new and improved” version back in development until it is ACTUALLY improved and not a degrade from what you had in place.

    Please do this without fretting about it. It will make everyone a lot happier.

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