I just paid PRO but cant add a new project. Why?

Sebastian Buenaventura
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I just started using Task Meister, paid PRO for 3 users (currently using 2), but can't add new projects. The "Upgrade now" pop-up still appears when I try to add a new project.

Thank you

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    Hello @Sebastian Buenaventura welcome to the community!

    I remember something similar happening to me, and in that case, closing my Meister session and logging in again solved the problem.

    Occasionally, the web browsers don't register properly all the cookies needed for the normal operation of web apps we're trying to use.

    As a last resource, you might try a different web browser, or clear all the cache and cookies in your current web browser as well.

    I hope this to be of help.

    Best regards.

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    Hi @Sebastian Buenaventura - I had this issue when i upgraded my personal account instead of work account. When you go to the accounts page, do you see the same e-mail and account that's on the invoice? If not you can log out/clear cache and sign in with the other account.