Why is Microsoft login not working in MeisterTask iOS app?

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The login page is blank in the app when I chose Office 365. I can access thru the browser but it keeps wanting to go back to the app.


  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @larsAA - I wasn't able to immediately duplicate this on my end, but I know that our team has been making some changes in the back-end of our desktop apps recently which have caused some unexpected login issues. Our developers are taking a look at your issue.

    Just to clarify - you're using the desktop MacOS app, correct? Not the iOS mobile app? If yes, you could first try uninstalling the app and reinstalling the latest version from our website: https://www.meistertask.com/pages/apps

    Let me know if this helps - I'll keep you updated on what our developers discover in this thread.



  • larsAA
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    I was using an iPad so iOS was not right, I guess they call it iPadOS nowadays. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    No worries, I can't keep branding updates straight either 😀!

    Thanks for the clarification! Just talked with our bug triage team - could you provide us with a couple details on precisely what happens when you attempt to login via Office 365? Once your browser opens, are you receiving an error message? Are you able to log in with your Microsoft Account? If you're receiving an error message, a screenshot would help us get to the bottom of this.

    Thanks, Andrew

  • Beer-Control
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    Good day!
    I had the same problem. I wrote to support, but they haven’t answered me for several days ( Tell me what can I do? Ready to send a screenshot or screen recording.

  • Anne Onyme
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    I am also encountering issues when login in with my educational microsoft account into MeisterTask on iOS (iOS 16.7.4). Here is the detailed process, I followed:

    1. Open MeisterTask app on iOS (version 6.3.0)
    2. Click on "I already have an account"
    3. Click on the 3 dots next to "connect with your email address" and then select Microsoft to connect with institutional microsoft account. This open a kind of web view on meistertasb signing page
    4. (RGPD related: accept the cookies)
    5. Click on connect with Microsoft. This redirects me to the Microsoft login in page.
    6. Successfully connect to Microsoft (after inserting email, password and 2FA). Click "Yes" when asked if you want to stay connected.
    7. Wait forever. The screen is blocked on the microsoft process, as it can be seenshot below.

    The same process worked fine with the desktop app on my Macbook Pro and with the iPad app on my iPad.

    Could you please investigate this issue? Feel free to tell me if you need more information

    Best regards,

    P.S.: I sent this message using another account as I did not want my institutional name to be publicly displayed on this forum. This is why this account is not linked to an educational account on meisterTask.

  • Anne Onyme
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    It has been a month now. Do you have any news on this topic?
    Could you please investigate this issue @Andrew Lapidus?