Can we use one business plan and pro for rest

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Recently as a team we started using meistertask. Currently we have the pro plan but we want to be able to manage roles from one account. Is it possible to use one business plan to manage roles. And use pro plan for the rest of the team.


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  • Jörg Koper
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    Hi @furukaan 👋🙂

    if you want to take advantage of the roles and permissions function of the business version, while keeping the full integration of your team, you have to manage your team within the business account.

    If, for example, your team members create their own basic or pro accounts outside your business account and want to work on your team projects, they can only do so with limited options and as external members (i.e. as guests, commentators, etc.).

    I hope I could help you out.

    Best, Jörg