Is there a way to get a task id from a task token via API?

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We are receiving task updates via email (we really wish we had webhooks!) and on those emails we can find the pertaining task token but not the task id. Is there a way for us to get the task id via a token?

We want to automate some task related stuff based on actions on the tickets.


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  • Line Møller Jensen
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    Hi there!

    Unfortunately, there is no direct way to get the task IDs via the task tokens. You would have to call for the tasks in a certain project before you would have the task IDs and could perform automated activities that you would like to do through the API.

    Is the automations happening with an integration from something? Could it be helpful to work with a Zapier integration, or are you planning on setting up the triggers yourself?

    I also wanted to let you know that this has already been forwarded as a feature request to our product team, but you are also welcome to raise it here in the community and see if this might be interesting for others too to help prioritize this higher.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you a lovely day.



    Line Jensen

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  • rnieves
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    Great to hear @Line Møller Jensen !

    We are implementing this ourselves and not using a third party.

    It would be awesome to have some kind of webhooks functionality in Meister. Something where we get task updates with all the task information.

    For now, we just hooked it up to the email functionality and we forward that to our automation service. When our system receives the email, we are fetching the tasks and doing a match based on the task name but this as you can imagine is error prone.

    As a short term solution, it would be great if we could add the task id to the email somewhere in the html... We noticed the emails have the tokenId in the links to open in ios and android so that is why we thought there is a way and we should ask you guys.

  • Line Møller Jensen
    Line Møller Jensen Admin, MeisterLobster, DE Business Posts: 12 Success Manager

    Hi again @rnieves !

    I'll take all this feedback with me and forward it directly to our product manager for MeisterTask.

    Unfortunately, none of the suggestions / points are currently possible. The Token ID is used in emails as it is a way to work with external integrations, but also to search for tasks inside MeisterTask and reference tasks in the URL, so this is why it is possible to get this when receiving the email. I can see how the current solution with fetching the title can be error prone, especially if you work a lot with similarly named tasks, type a wrong name/number, etc.

    We'll let you know if we make any changes that could help out with your current use case, but as I know we have a lot of larger things on our roadmap on the moment, I do not think this would be implemented right away. Stay tuned also in the community for updates on upcoming functionalities! :)

    Have a lovely day!

    Line Jensen

    Customer Success Manager, Meister