Can I use private notes in a task?

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Sometimes we need talk with private notes in task between the team (Our customer has access to the proyect). Is there any role / configuration to use private notes in task?

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    Hello @iuow_qdsuf84 welcome to the community 😃

    The scope of access to tasks by users of the project are determined by the role each user is assigned in the project itself. I mean, there is no discrimination of access level from task to task.

    Having said that, I guess my approach to your challenge would be one of the following two options:

    Option #1

    In case of "private notes" that are not too voluminous and need to be seen only by team members of a project.

    • Assign the customer a role access of "Guest".
    • Put those "private notes" in the project's description which are not accessible by "Guests".

    You can find an overview of MeisterTask Roles and Permissions here, and a specific article about the "Guest" role here.

    Option #2

    In case of "private team conversations" that need to happen in a MeisterTask project where the customer has any type of role.

    • Enable the Slack integration inside your MeisterTask project.
    • Set up a private channel for the project where only your team has access.
    • Let team conversations flow in Slack, and official comments for the customer in each task's comment section.

    I hope it helps, best regards 👍

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