Can a MeisterTask project be shared publically on a free plan?

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Previously i could generate a link from project settings, which anyone without a meistertask account can use to register an account and join the project.

Now what people see are Access Denied. You don't have access to this Task or Project. Please contact the owner to gain access.

I can see a Team Project tag beside my project name too. I don't remember ever setting that label.

Is it true that we cannot share to public anymore, and i have to invite people 1 by 1 to join the project for them to view it?

In the same tab and level as project settings button, i see a blue share button. Looks like that is where the 1 by 1 invite is done?

Why not allow sharing to public anymore?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @gitgithan - welcome to the community! 👋 I just spoke with the MT team to get an answer here. First off, the "Share project link" button was recently moved to the Info tab in project settings:

    Secondly: The "Share project link" functionality has changed for Basic (free) users. Sharing a project publicly via link is now only available on a paid plan.

    As a basic user, you can still share projects via link, but the users who access the project via the link will need to be part of your MeisterTask team. To add users to your MT team, click the "My Team" icon in MeisterTask and add your colleague's e-mails to your team. All the users on your team will then be able to join any project you share via link.

    Hope this helps - let me know if you have any other questions!




  • Oliver Wich
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    Just a short question: Is there a (new) possibility to share a board for public → share the link and people can read without having an account or registering?
    I would like to build a public roadmap where new people can see our process and whats on the line and maybe vote for new features.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    @Oliver Wich MyJEM - this isn't currently possible, but the capability to share "Public Projects" is on our longer-term MeisterTask roadmap.

    Towards the end of this month, the MT and MN Teams will implement some standardized templates in MeisterTask and MeisterNote — the backend development to enable this also sets the stage for pursuing "Public Projects" and "Public Notes" (as are available in MindMeister) in the future. Hope this helps shed some light!