🏆 Best Practices: Time Tracking

Miša Hennin
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Clicking start and stop on the timer is only the first step in getting the most out of the time tracking feature. The second step is assessing tracked time. This is where a lot of users give up, but you shouldn't.

Tracking time and assessing results doesn't have to be tedious. In this article, we share how you can use time tracking to reap the benefits of increased productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re a team lead or a team member, read on to see the real value of tracking your time.

Team leads will:

  • Automatically gain a data-driven overview of their team's efficiency
  • Make changes before it's too late
  • Delegate time and resources more efficiently in subsequent projects
  • Have a basis for feedback discussions and performance reviews

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Team members will:

  • Reflect on their performance
  • Work more efficiently and productively
  • Feel happier at work

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I hope this helps you realize the value in time tracking! Let me know if you have any other ideas or questions 😃.