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Feature Idea: Preserve old way to link to Mind Maps

Shankar Nathan
Shankar Nathan Member Posts: 6 Beginner
edited December 2022 in Feature Ideas: MindMeister

With the latest update, the team changed the way you can link to another mind map. Instead of how it used to be, you have to now add a topic and put the link inside.

I'd like the Meister team to revert this to how it used to be.

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  • Shankar Nathan
    Shankar Nathan Member Posts: 6 Beginner

    Thanks, Misa, I added a 'Feature Idea' and meanwhile will have to go and rework all my master maps so they work with the new way of linking to mind maps.

    Pretty major breakage, imho.

  • Shankar Nathan
    Shankar Nathan Member Posts: 6 Beginner

    I tried adding Mind Maps using 'Links' inside 'Topics' and this is MUCH WORSE than how it used to be. My use case is that I have many 'Master Maps' that used to link to numerous other mind maps as sub-topics - btw - this was how you (MindMeister) had suggested we use the product earlier.

    Now, with your update, I have to go into each sub map, get a link using the 'Share' option, go back to the master map, paste the link into a topic and have the sub map show up as an 'Attachment' which then opens in a separate browser tab/window.


  • Shankar Nathan
    Shankar Nathan Member Posts: 6 Beginner

    This is not really a 'Feature Request' - this is a straight up REGRESSION PRODUCT DEFECT. What used to work, no longer does.

  • Rvitaris
    Rvitaris Retired Administrative Judge, US Merit Systems Protection Board Atlanta, Georgia. USA.Member Posts: 15 Star Contributor

    I agree with you. I know that MM wanted to get the new editor out quickly because the maps now look so much better and visual appeal is very important to many users. Now they need to make sure that all of the key features and capabilities of the old editor are restored. To me, the functionality is far more important than the visual appeal and I continue to use the old editor for that reason.

  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 412 Community Admin

    Hi @Shankar Nathan - I reached out earlier in this post but wanted to tag you here as well.

    Sorry for the frustration with this request. @Miša and I just spoke and would really like to get to the bottom of this issue and make sure we fully understand the problem. If the links you've attached to maps in the old editor no longer work (or disappear) when the map is converted to the new editor, that's definitely unintended behavior and is likely a bug.

    I opened the old editor on our developers' staging server to test this out - I converted a map (which included links) to the new editor, and the links seemed to be transferred over without issue:

    Can you confirm that this was not the case for your maps, and that links were lost? If yes, that's certainly a bug and we'll definitely take more steps with our developers to investigate.