Time Tracking - Can I change other users' time slips?

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Hi everyone,

We look at the Time tracking utilities and I have a question about it.

Is it possible to change the times entries of an other members ? In our case, I'm in charge off the time spent on differents task and some time is more easy to change by myself the entrie and no ask to the person which do it.

I see it's not possible in our formula (Pro version) but is it possible in bussiness or other ?

I precise that I have the owner of the project.

best regards

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @XAVIER , and welcome to the community!

    Unfortunately, it's currently not possible (on any plan) for an admin to modify other users' time slips. I definitely understand your use case, however, and see this as a great candidate for a feature request! Feel free to post your request here to open up for other users' comments and upvotes.

    Happy holidays and best wishes,