API call for Work Interval - How to convert inputs?

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I want to make an API call for Work Intervals; for that, I need a project ID and task ID. but the required input is in int32. and IDs are like "hUB4pbe8"....

How to convert or any solution??

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  • Line Møller Jensen
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    Hi Kunjan,

    thank you for your question! My name is Line and I'm happy to help you out!

    About the task IDs, this is because we have a slight difference between the task IDs that you find within MeisterTask and which is used with many integrations and the task IDs that you will need for the API. The task IDs which are int32 formatted can be found by, for example, pulling the tasks using the API and using the project ID that you have (which does not need to be formatted as int32, but which can be a string and should therefore work), which will in return provide you with the task IDs, which can be used for the work intervals.

    As I am not aware of project IDs which are formatted as int32 and not a string, and therefore also do not know how to get this, I've asked our developers directly about this, and I'll get back to you when I know more. :)

    I wish you a lovely day.



    Line Jensen

    Customer Success Manager, Meister