bulk-updating blocks-types in several steps, including bulk-editing of icons and background-color

Olaf Roeb
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Summary: I'd very much like to bulk-update Blocks in MeisterNote in the same way as I can bulk-manipulate nodes in MindMeister: Independently but in a single workflow after selecting an array of list-items in order to update a) block-style, b) icon and c)icon-color

Very often I'd like to select multiple items of a list-organized part of my note, and bulk-update them by choosing block styles like " ! warning ", "Info-Box" and "ToDo-List" etc. While selecting multiple blocks and choosing styles like " ! Warning", is possible and a super-great feature with a beautiful optical appearance and excellent improvement of readability focus, the selection gets lost immediately after the choice of style.

  1. I'd rather like to keep the selection, see the result and have the option to redecide to choose another style without needing to again select the same array of blocks.
  2. Bulk-updating icons and bulk-coloring icons are currently not even featured. In a workflow of a) choice of style, b) choice of icon, and c) choice of icon color I currently would need to select the same group of items three times, and more for each time where I decide to change my first choice. MeisterNote currently offeres b) and c) only single-block-wise, not multi-block(bulk)-wise.
  3. Changing the background color of styles independently from the icon color makes sense although in most cases the pre-designed (default) color combinations make an excellent appearance. But: Independent choice of icon, icon-color and background-color would allow a 3-dimensional matrix of pre-defined attributes with split-second identification and mental assignment. This point might need a discussion of its own, I'd like to request and follow admin's advice if you think I should separate the issues.


  • A list of items 2B-LEARNED from an external source is pasted into a Note.
  • In MeisterNote groups of items or the whole list are to be highlighted and/or attributed with predefined styles in a very specific way.
  • While the icon itself like 💡 keeps its meaning or purpose as intended by choice ("Warning", "Info-Box" etc),
  • I'd like the background color to mark priorities in learning, or grammatical categories like spelling(light blue), vocabulary(light yellow), and text excerpt (light gray).
  • And - independently again - the icon color is predefined to mark the state of the learning process like "new"(red), "in repetition"(orange), or "mastered"(green). That would allow me to immediately identify and focus on specific items and bulk-update the color of the icon whenever I work the list.

Example (screenshot):

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  • JoiedeVivre
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    +1 for bulk selecting blocks - the use of blocks instead of traditional text bodies lends itself very well to mass edits.

  • Rooster McNugget
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    You have my vote @Olaf Roeb !👍️

    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!