Feature Request: Automation to move completed tasks to a specific section

eliasz EN Basic, MT Tester Posts: 6 Beginner

Would be great to have an automation that allows us to move completed tasks to a given section (in this case, a Completed/Done section). This would be particularly useful when working in the Agenda, so we don't have to go to individual projects and moves tasks when they've been completed.


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  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 695 Community Admin

    Hey @eliasz you've got my vote! I'd love to Complete a task and have it automatically move to my Completed section.

    At the moment, you could set up a normal automation which first completes a task and then moves it to a different place but I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for.

    Also, when you're in Agenda, you can move things using the ellipsis (...) menu in the top-right corner. Although this is not the seamless way you've requested, I thought I'd mention it.



  • eliasz
    eliasz EN Basic, MT Tester Posts: 6 Beginner

    Hey @Miša,

    Thanks for the upvote and the workarounds! You're right, I was looking for something more straightforward.

  • Joerg Koper
    Joerg Koper EN Basic, DACH Partner, MT Tester Posts: 662 Community Leader

    Hi @eliasz,

    you've got my vote too. We're working with the same automation, that @Miša mentioned but I think every handle saved is a good step towards effective use of time 😉

    Als Experten-Partner von Meister führe ich in meiner Agentur u. a. Workshops für die Integration der Meister Software durch. Hier in der Community freue ich mich auf den Austausch mit Euch und helfe bei Fragen zu MeisterTask, MindMeister und MeisterNote gerne weiter.

    Weitere Informationen findest Du auf agenturkoper.de und LinkedIn.

  • Olaf Roeb
    Olaf Roeb EN Basic, DACH Partner, MT Tester Posts: 121 Star Contributor
    edited January 12

    Hi, @eliasz , second you, too,

    this seems to be a potentially very frequently demanded action so it might add up to saving tons of time. I do use a workaround in some projects to cover a similar two-step-demanding automation as @Miša and @Jörg Koper just described into a kind of "Automation only" section:

    Open new Section and name it like: Compl+Finish

    • Automation 1: Complete every task that enters the section
    • Automation 2: Transport the task to the target section

    So far I think this meets exactly Misha's suggestion. As this section never needs to carry data, you can leave it collapsed so it doesn't consume much horizontal space. Now instead of completing a task you just shift it to this "automation-only" - section, which covers the time loss to almost zero.

    It also offers another benefit: If you create another such "automation-only-always-collapsed" section, you can target a different final space or maybe even archive (Name: Compl+Arch)some tasks. With these two collapsed sections, you now have a choice to complete and finalize tasks into different final sections and/or conditions, still without consuming much space.

    Just be careful with the naming of these sections, as automations are not readable in collapsed condition. But for me, it works just fine.

  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 697 Community Admin

    👍 Definitely all aboard with this feature request - especially for working in Agenda.

    Excellent tip here, thanks @Olaf Roeb! Today I learned that I could still move tasks into a collapsed section! 🤯

  • Michael Heil
    Michael Heil EN Basic, DACH Partner, MT Tester Posts: 79 Star Contributor

    @Olaf Roeb yepp, this is exactly how we do it 👍

    Michael Heil

    eBusiness-KompetenzZentrum gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

    [email protected]


  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 695 Community Admin

    Hi @Olaf Roeb, another great idea! Feel free to add this as a MeisterHack if you like - it's a good trick and could be more visible for others in the Community 😀.



  • Olaf Roeb
    Olaf Roeb EN Basic, DACH Partner, MT Tester Posts: 121 Star Contributor

    Thank you, and hi, @Miša

    Please look up the learning-board description I just added below Andrew's Chess - Opening Board. You'll find this Hack realized and described in my post.

    Enjoy your day!