💭 Feedback Wanted: What templates would you like to see in MeisterTask?

Roxane Huber
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Hey MeisterTask community! 🙂 I'm excited to finally meet you all!

My name is Roxane Huber, the Product Marketing Manager for MeisterTask. I wanted to reach out to you all with a special request from our team. Specifically, I'd like to ask you all about MeisterTask Templates! 🚀

This quarter, we've added the community suggestion of MeisterTask templates to our product roadmap. As we begin building this feature, I wanted to get your feedback on the project templates you'd most like to see in MeisterTask.

So, my question is this:

Do you have a specific project or project template which you find particularly useful or use on a daily basis? We'd love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below with a short description of a template you'd like to see, along with screenshots if it's a project you've already created!

Finally, I also wanted to say how lovely it's been to see the growth of this community and read all the inspiring content and ideas that have been shared here. I couldn't be more thrilled at the opportunity to build and shape MeisterTask with you!





  • Andrew Lapidus
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    So great to have you here in the community, @Roxane Huber! There have already been some excellent suggestions and insights in the thread you mentioned by @Cathy Fanning, @Scott Ricken, @furukaan, @Andres D'Andrea, @JoiedeVivre and @Olaf Roeb , so I wanted to tag them here. 😊

    Several mentioned the existing template libraries from some of MeisterTask's competitors, which I'm sure would make for great inspiration. Personally, I'd be interested in templates organized by industry/use case as these can also provide inspiration for how to improve an existing workflow. Would be curious to hear others' impressions!

  • Cathy Fanning
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    Hi @Andrew Lapidus Thanks for the mention, appreciated! Let me give this some thought and I'll get back to you.


    Cathy Fanning


  • Olaf Roeb
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    Hey @Roxane Huber , nice to meet you, too!

    As @Andrew Lapidus mentioned, in another discussion I wrote about templates and libraries by competitors. And I really don't see any reason why at this point we all should try to invent wheels that already exist. In no time when a MeisterTask template-board library has developed to a significant selection, trello-users or other competitors may find great takeaway templates here.

    So here are some screenshots from trello-templates with different emphasizes from my side, with some comments of why I chose them:

    A) Travel inspiration board

    The purpose here clearly is private travelling, a very expensive hobby that needs careful preparation and evaluation. And collaboration in travel planning is not an exception, which is a very good reason to use MeisterTask not only for business purposes.

    B) 48h Hours In Paris

    If screenshot A) is a general ideation travel board, this one is specifically designed to cover just 48h hours and make the most of them. Given a time window of only 48h in Paris or another Big Apple- City, you want to make sure that not a minute is lost in errands and research that can be done well before the trip starts. And the very moment the trip is finished, maybe starting aboard the flight home, this board can be used as a diary, assembling pictures and inviting friends to share a debriefing and some french food.

    C) Learn A Language

    This one is my favorite, mi favorito, genau mein Ding... have already taken many sub-ideas and structures into my own MeisterTask Learning Project.

    Learning a language is a hugely time-consuming process, in daily time, over many months or years, and in total hours at least 600-1500h to become fluent. Not only does it desperately need productivity and efficiency, not wasting time and avoiding procrastination, but it also carries huge dangers of losing motivation over time. On the other hand, if motivation and efficient learning are prominently present in every step of the planning process, the planning itself can become real fun. Habit-Management and gamification elements can also be nicely integrated as part of a board structure and automation.

    Once the desired competencies are gained sufficiently to start real communication in the new language, more boards for practice, maybe traveling, watching Netflix in the original language may be sub-titled, looking for language-tandem partners, or maybe even looking for job opportunities that provide intensive use of the newly acquired skills need more boards to be implemented. Like A) and B), and connected to both, this Use-Case might be applicable to the majority of the population all over the world. Wouldn't that be a nice market by definition?

    D) Music Lessons and Integrated Daily Practice

    Central focussed in this shot, you find a Checklist just to show that not only the big-picture of whole boards but sometimes simple Checklist ideas can be found a thousand-fold in existing libraries. This simple daily practice-cl is an excellent basic starter for every task that requires daily execution, (again learning a language might greatly profit)thus asking for habit management and weekly reviews.

    Other ideas realized within this board:

    • Integration of a music-teaching freelancer business and personal exercising(growth)
    • repertoire-planning
    • inclusion of administrative tasks

    Not yet realized here, but probably without much effort implementable: collaboration with other teachers and students.

    Concerning the MeisterSuite: Just imagine what this user can do with integrated maps and a personal library of music in MeisterNote.

    E) Exemplary detailed description, kind of a micro-manual of a template

    Another potentially broadly demanded private Use-Case with an eye blink this time, but: this one made it into the NYTimes. My choice this one became because the descriptive part in the library is so great, beginning with a Sinek-style why? section. I immediately fell in love with the structure of this How-To. This text is readable within the library, before a decision to copy the template into a personal board needs to be met.

    Hope to some extent this is what you were looking for, Roxane, my focus has been and mostly is more on the private range of Use-Cases because I feel they are way underestimated in potential value, beauty, and also fun. @JoiedeVivre you might like that aspect as much as I do. But also personal growth is a much-underrepresented area of Task-Board application while mind-mapping does cover many of these aspects in great variation and depth.

    Just ask if anyone feels in need of more information. Best, Olaf

  • Admin BSF.company
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    Hello @Roxane Huber a couple of months ago, I shared a template to manage the sales process of any organization that could be useful.

    Considering it's a Kanban board based on best practices implemented by big CRM companies, feel free to include it in your repertoire, you can find it in this post.

    Other templates I'd like to see available are any best practices or processes related to:

    • Sales Ops
    • Marketing Ops
    • Dev Ops
    • Software Development

    One concept I believe could add great value to MeisterTask as a product is the concept of "Best Practices".

    What I mean is: we all are experts in something, but we could use MeisterTask templates library as a window to "peek" instantly on "how successful enterprises operate today"

    For example, consider this case:

    An expert in technology and customer service starts an agency business, but he's just an expert in tech and customer service. However, in subjects such as sales, finance, or marketing; he could be called an "Average Joe".

    However, by implementing MeisterTask as the Operations Hub in his startup, he could gain lots of knowledge and best practices through a library full of something with an X factor.

    The X Factor of MeisterTask templates library

    If I had to do it, the templates' library would be something that conglomerates lots of BBP:

    "Business Boiler Plates" that could help "Average Joe" drive several aspects of a business without having to reinvent the wheel.

    I think of the templates' library as a place to find not only the kanban templates, but a bunch of knowledge embedded in each template itself.

    We (Meister Experts) could even use the template library as an up-sale driver if we consider that various features needed to thoroughly implement business processes inside MeisterTask require a business or pro subscriptions:

    • Timeline
    • Agenda
    • Multiple Checklists
    • Custom Fields
    • Integrations
    • Automations
    • Recurrence
    • Etc.

    Anyway, "mucha tela que cortar" is an expression that means "many ideas and stuff to discuss".

    Please let send me a PM in case you fancy a verbal conversation about these ideas because I reckon this message has exceeded the intended length I had in mind when I started.

    Thanks @Andrew Lapidus for pointing me here mate 👍

    Andrés D'Andrea

    Follow me on LinkedIn and:

    BSF.company - Digital Solutions For Your Business.

    Technopreneuring.Com - Optimize Resources. Maximize Results.

    GestionOperativa.Com - Optimiza Recursos. Maximiza Resultados.

  • Roxane Huber
    Roxane Huber EN Basic, MeisterLobster Posts: 4 Product Marketing Manager - MeisterTask

    Thank you so much for the feedback on my message, it was an absolute pleasure for me to read through the comments and all those great ideas and suggestions. 😍

    @Olaf Roeb I agree that we do not need to reinvent the wheel. Definitely, there is potential with the Meister templates and best practice examples to once again offer added value that other competitors don't bring to the table in the same form. Thanks a lot for your insights - especially example E) highlights how important it is to come to the point straight ahead and be clear right from the start what to expect from the template and what it can offer.

    @Andres D'Andrea Thanks for sharing the post you made in another thread and for your insights! Talking about the "X Factor of the Meister Templates" - totally agree with you here, starting off with the right template where a lot of deep thinking by experts already went into, that's almost "priceless" 😅 👍️

    I will think about all those suggestions and come back to you with further questions. Thank you 😊

  • Miša Hennin
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    Such an insightful thread! Thank you everybody for sharing your thoughts - these ideas are definitely something I can also keep in mind when creating content for our template sections here in the Community. 😀