If I have a business account, can my team use my account?

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If I have a business account and my entire team logs in via my account, can we still assign tasks to different people, even if everyone is using the same account?

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  • Jörg Koper
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    Hi @e.buder,

    welcome to the community 👋🙂

    If you all make use of the same account, you can't assign tasks to each other, because MeisterTask doesn't know, who's who 😉

    If you're working with guests, you can of course make use of the roles and permissions. Not matter who's logged in the account. MeisterTask is always only letting one person log in. So it's not the matter who's logging in...I personaly find this a bit stressful by the way 😅

    Especially in a business used Account, where data protection (GDPR) and a professional workflow is essential, I would recommand a team Account. You're driving your car with locked brakes at the moment so to say.

    Best, Jörg