💡Feature request: automatic line break for bold texts in regular and floating topics


I wanted to resize a floating topic on my mindmap.

It sounds like a really simple thing to do, right?

But I needed help from the community to do it. @Jörg Koper helped me find a solution to my problem, but it's not the ideal scenario.

So here I am suggesting a feature to reduce the amount of work needed while creating headlines with bold texts.

Basically, this is how it's functioning today:

When you create a node, give it a name and format the whole sentence like in the picture below, MindMeister can't make a line break and will stay in one line:

When you format the text like shown in the picture below (shortcut: CMD / CTRL + B behind the related word / letter) it will format every word / letter and MindMeister is able to work with the desired line break:

The ideal usability is that MindMeister is able to properly format and add a line break in any situation.

Don't you think so? Let's bring awareness to this feature to MindMeister Product Team by upvoting this idea!

P.S.: You can find more information about the issue in the link below https://community.meister.co/discussion/comment/1908

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  • Joerg Koper
    Joerg Koper DACH Partner, MT Tester, DE Business, EN Advocate Posts: 1,435 Community Leader

    Hi @Rafa Leto,

    you've got my vote 😉

    Best, Jörg

    Als Experten-Partner von Meister führe ich in meiner Agentur u. a. Workshops für die Integration der Meister Software durch. Hier in der Community freue ich mich auf den Austausch mit Euch und helfe bei Fragen zu MeisterTask, MeisterNote und MindMeister gerne weiter.

    Weitere Informationen findest Du auf agenturkoper.de und LinkedIn.