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OhNoMrLemming Member Posts: 4 Beginner
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I was creating tags for one project and couldn't find them in another - just realized that tags are project-specific.

This is a bit of a headache for me and my team - we sort tasks by tags, and it would be great to have tags that can be used across multiple projects.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 412 Community Admin

    Thanks @OhNoMrLemming - great request, this is one I've heard from a few users before we had the community. It might help the product team if you could describe your team's workflow a bit more - do you repeatedly create projects using a template?

    In the meantime, I also wanted to point out a workaround that @Matthias pointed out to me a while ago. You can transfer all the tags in one project to another project by moving a task with all the necessary tags to another project. Whenever a task is moved into a project, any tags that it includes will also be created in the new project.

    So, I'd recommend creating a reference task with all the tags you'd like to transfer, then moving it to a new project. Hope this helps!

    -Andrew 😀

    BTW: Tags are also always included when duplicating or importing a project.

  • lilxam
    lilxam Member Posts: 1 New Here

    I wish tags could be used globally. Right now I have to create new tags for every project while i use the same for every project. For example with priority tags.

    And add the possibility to filter by tags.

    Let's say i want to see my tasks that have Priority 1 first.

  • Miša
    Miša Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 341 Community Admin

    Hi @lilxam and welcome!

    Thanks for your suggestion - I agree that the option to add global tags would be useful.

    I've merged your idea because it's the same as this one posted a few months ago. You can also see @Andrew Lapidus' suggestion for a workaround above in the meantime.

    I hope this helps!



  • Peter Rippl
    Peter Rippl Member Posts: 2 Beginner

    Yes! really helpful. We work with many project, with same tags. Workaorund is ok, but a not the perfect solution for meistertask. :)

  • JoiedeVivre
    JoiedeVivre Member Posts: 50 Star Contributor

    Global tags and checklists would be a great addition for team admins. You can also improve the workaround above by creating an entire template project (available to all users) which includes all the tags/checklists you need, then duplicate/move tasks to other projects. Credit to @Ulrica for the tip!

  • furukaan
    furukaan Member Posts: 7 Beginner

    In Our team we also use same tags for each project. We also would benefit from global tags. :)