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OhNoMrLemming EN Basic Posts: 4 Active Contributor
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I was creating tags for one project and couldn't find them in another - just realized that tags are project-specific.

This is a bit of a headache for me and my team - we sort tasks by tags, and it would be great to have tags that can be used across multiple projects.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,012 Community Admin

    Thanks @OhNoMrLemming - great request, this is one I've heard from a few users before we had the community. It might help the product team if you could describe your team's workflow a bit more - do you repeatedly create projects using a template?

    In the meantime, I also wanted to point out a workaround that @Matthias pointed out to me a while ago. You can transfer all the tags in one project to another project by moving a task with all the necessary tags to another project. Whenever a task is moved into a project, any tags that it includes will also be created in the new project.

    So, I'd recommend creating a reference task with all the tags you'd like to transfer, then moving it to a new project. Hope this helps!

    -Andrew 😀

    BTW: Tags are also always included when duplicating or importing a project.

  • lilxam
    lilxam EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

    I wish tags could be used globally. Right now I have to create new tags for every project while i use the same for every project. For example with priority tags.

    And add the possibility to filter by tags.

    Let's say i want to see my tasks that have Priority 1 first.

  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 1,506 Community Admin

    Hi @lilxam and welcome!

    Thanks for your suggestion - I agree that the option to add global tags would be useful.

    I've merged your idea because it's the same as this one posted a few months ago. You can also see @Andrew Lapidus' suggestion for a workaround above in the meantime.

    I hope this helps!



  • Peter Rippl
    Peter Rippl EN Basic Posts: 2 Beginner

    Yes! really helpful. We work with many project, with same tags. Workaorund is ok, but a not the perfect solution for meistertask. :)

  • JoiedeVivre
    JoiedeVivre EN Basic Posts: 65 Star Contributor

    Global tags and checklists would be a great addition for team admins. You can also improve the workaround above by creating an entire template project (available to all users) which includes all the tags/checklists you need, then duplicate/move tasks to other projects. Credit to @Ulrica for the tip!

  • Furkan Tokmak
    Furkan Tokmak EN Basic Posts: 12 Beginner

    In Our team we also use same tags for each project. We also would benefit from global tags. :)

  • dk@lernanwalt.de
    dk@lernanwalt.de DE Pro Posts: 1 New Here

    Ich würde es sehr gut finden, wenn man Globale Tags festlegen kann, die dann allen Projekten und Aufgaben zur Verfügung stehen, ohne sie immer wieder neu schreiben zu müssen.

  • Mark Beck
    Mark Beck EN Business Posts: 1 New Here

    I'm adding my support for global tags. We use them to set priorities (Urgent, Top, Medium, and Low) as well as what type of changes we are making (Content Update, New Functionality, Bug Fix, etc.)