Mac / Safari: Why is preview of attached pdf / jpg file only possible once?

Tilman Möller
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Hi all,

the headline describes the issue. First file preview works, after that - see attached. Several of my customers using a Mac / Safari (e.g. OS 13.1) reported this. On the same laptop it does not appear via Chrome browser.

As file preview is a very good/important feature. It would be great to know how to fix this resp. maybe this is a ticket for the MT Tech team.

Thx a lot & best regards Tilman

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    HI @Tilman Möller thanks for reaching out - sorry for this issue.

    I was not immediately able to reproduce this on my Mac, but I am using Safari version 14.1.2 (on Mac OS Big Sur) Are your customers able to upgrade Safari to the latest version? This may solve the issue, but I've also reached out to our developers to see if any updates were deployed recently which might affect attachment previews. I'll also let you know what I hear.




  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi, @Andrew Lapidus,

    to add: had the issue from time to time, too. I was using the Microsoft Edge browser at the time.

    Best, Samuel

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