Why can't I see timeline although I'm a Business subscriber?

Mostafa Mohamed
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upgraded my account to business only for the timeline view, and still can’t find it in the Power-UPS section, i am on IPad, any tips?

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    Hello @Mostafa Mohamed, welcome to the community, and thanks for writing your question.

    In the context of "session management", it's a common occurrence in modern web browsers to require a reload of the whole profile to show new user privileges when a change has been made.

    In this case, your Meister profile was changed because it was upgraded from one user type (basic, or pro) to another user type (business) with the subsequent upgrade in features for your account.

    To reload your profile and try resolving the issue, I recommend you to sign out completely from MeisterTask in your current app or browser session, clear cookies and cache if you're on a web browser, and then sign in again.

    This simple chain of actions resolves 99% of the time the issue you described.

    Try that, and let us know how it went.

    Best regards.

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