How to manage tasks with recurring hourly or minute reminders?

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I'm a big fan of this tool, but I'd like to use it to manage tasks with recurring hourly or minute reminders.

For example, if I have a task due tomorrow at 9am, but for some reason I can't get it done, I'd like to have the option to have the tool remind me every 13 minutes that I have to do the task.

It would be very important for me to have this functionality.

I thank the attention.

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  • Andres D'Andrea
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    Hello @paulor1982 and welcome to the community.

    You can set Notification settings. Consider that Mobile users can also set up push notifications to receive reminders before a task's due date. This article describes how to do that.

    Additionally, you can setup a Zapier integration with other services like in case you need a more complex reminder functionality.

    In case you require personalized assistance in such matters, I do per-hour consultations so, we can arrange something for sure 👍

    Best regards.

    Andrés D'Andrea.