Allow for maps created with the new editor to be shared with Biggerplate


The old MindMeister editor allowed a user to share one of their mind maps to the Biggerplate library. Apparently, this feature is not available with the new editor although it was available in the old editor. I recommend that this feature be added.

Many users might not think that this is a big deal since MindMeister's own Public Map Universe is available to share maps. However, Biggerplate's library contains mind maps created with all of the major mind mapping software. MindMeister has the capability to import maps created with a number of other mind mapping programs. Similarly, other mind mapping programs allow MindMeister maps to be imported. For that reason, the Biggerplate library is a big asset for everybody.

Why worry about whether MindMeister maps created with the new editor can be put on Biggerplate? Because the members of this Community want MindMeister to be successful which requires attracting new subscribers and retaining current subscribers. Having MindMeister maps publicly available on Biggerplate helps sell MindMeister. If people interested in mind mapping look at the Biggerplate library and only see maps created using MindMeister's competitors, they will likely choose the competitor's product and not MindMeister.

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