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Bart Verheecke
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A key aspect of project flows is approval requests. A task needs to be approved by a supervisor or manager before continuing the process flow.

Currently this is only possible by re-assigning the task to that supervisor. Which is not what you typically want.

A great way would be to add native support for approvals in Meisertask via Automations. If a task is added to a specific column a notification is sent to the supervisor to ask for approval.

In its most basic form only support for "Send Notification to..." should be added to MeisterTask to accomplish this. As the "Approval Status" itself could be created via Custom Fields. But of course it would be better if approvals are added as a dedicated feature.

It would also be great that only the supervisor can approve/disapprove a task and advance a task to another column.

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  • Joerg Koper
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    edited February 2023

    Hi @Bart 👋🙂

    Your request makes sense and is absolutely needed in many business-scenarios.

    You've got my vote 👍️

    While you're waiting for the required votes, I would like to show you and others with the same desire a way to handle the situation with a workaround:

    You may create a project board for approvals:

    • The sections can be created by department, auditor or other criteria
    • The specific sections can include individual tags by automation and, if needed, of course the automatic assignment too

    Next step - Automations in the other project boards:

    • You may add a section - maybe called approval - in your projects
    • Add the automation "move task" and push it to the appropriate section at approval project
    • When you have finished the creation process of the specific sections, you can collapse them

    When the approval is finished, the task can be pushed back into the appropriate section of the other project-board...It would of course be good if corresponding sections with push back (move task) automation were also created in the approval board.

    Best, Jörg

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