What happens if I archive a pending recurring task?

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I have a task that's due March 1st and recurs every 1st day if the month. If I archive that task will it show back upon March 1st?

Also is there a way to snooze a task to a later date so its not taking up space on my board?

If not how are others dealing with tasks that do not need to deal with for a while?

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  • Samuel Schläpfer
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    Hello @joenardi and welcome to the community! 👋

    I will be happy to answer your questions:

    I have a task that is due on March 1 and recurs every 1st of the month. If I archive this task, will it show up again on March 1?

    - Yes, the task will reappear unless you remove the automation for that task.

    Also, is there a way to move a task to a later date so it doesn't take up space on my board?

    - Do I understand your question correctly: you have scheduled a task, using automation, for example, to today. It is visible on your board. Now you want to complete the task in two days and set a new due date. Hope is correct so far. If yes, the task remains visible on your board until you archive or delete it (the automation of the task remains). If you want to see only the current due tasks, you can set that using the filter function on the right:

    I also have some recurring tasks that are displayed to me via automations. If I ever move a task to another day I would like, but this is my personal opinion, that the task remains visible on my board. Because I have scheduled it for a certain reason on this day and it must be done. Once I change the due date, I reorder the column by sorting function by due date and I always have the due or overdue tasks at the top of the column.

    When I have completed a task that is displayed by automation, I delete the task. It comes back and is always the same, at least that's how it is for me. So I don't have any important information there that needs to be archived. But that can be different for you, of course. I think there is no right or wrong.

    Hope I could help you and wish you a successful day!😊🤙

    Best, Samuel

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @joenardi

    and welcome to the community from my side too 👋🙂

    In addition to @Rooster McNugget's excellent explanation, I can add the tip of adding a section labelled "Paused" or "Waiting", which then also automatically adds the tag "Paused" or "Waiting".

    The section can be collapsed at any time to save space. With the filter function described by Samuel, all paused tasks can then be filtered out, for example.

    Best, Jörg

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