Can I assign a task to multiple people at once?

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So I am new to this program, I am trying to set it up for my team of 4 people. I noticed that if you assign a task to a team member it shows up in the agenda. I unfortunately only seem to be able to assign something to one person at a time. is there a way to asign tasks to multiple people? I am using the free version so that might be the problem.

thanks in advance

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    Hello @colin welcome to the community!

    I'm going to start by addressing your primary need, which appears to be: How to make a task show up in the agenda of multiple users?

    The good news is that your 4 coworkers can have the same task showing up in their agendas.

    "Assignation" of the task isn't needed for that, but instead, they have to pin the task to the agenda themselves.

    The following image shows you how to do that:

    Another important aspect to grasp about the MeisterTask Agenda is the following two properties:

    • Ownership: each user owns their agenda, I mean, what you have in your Agenda is not necessarily the same thing your colleagues have in theirs. Each user is responsible to pin tasks they consider important to their Agenda.
    • Customizations: Each user is responsible for creating, organizing and renaming their Agenda columns like they prefer. Again, my agenda looks pretty different from those of my colleagues in our specific case.

    Below, I leave you an instructive video you might find interesting about how to use the Agenda in MeisterTask:

    As an additional resource, you might want to check the official documentation of the Agenda by clicking here.

    Regarding your question on a way to assign tasks to multiple people?, you can add multiple observers to one specific task, as explained here, with the intention to keep everybody in the loop.

    However, that's not the way to pin tasks in the agenda.

    MeisterTask and no other known task manager in the world allows you to have multiple assignees in one task because that defeats the purpose of task management in itself. That's not a statement by me, you could ask Google and find 1,020,000,000 explanations on why you shouldn't do that…

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards.

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